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Hip Flexor Stretches

Have you been wondering what will happen to your body when you sit for hours on daily basis? It is natural that most people nowadays spend their few hours to sit. But did you know that sitting for longer time can affect your muscles healthy, blood flow, stress levels, hormones, as well as your posture?

Rick Kaselj, the creator of Unlock Your Hip Flexors Book states that tight hip flexors are happening to most people who sit around for hours per day. These are the real cause of poor body posture, back pain, stress, hypertension, and even hormonal changes.

Rick Kaselj comes with a program as the solution, namely Unlock Your Hip Flexor. It is claimed to be an effective program which can help people to unlock and release their tight psoas muscles. Is it true? Here we will tell you the truth through our unbiased Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review.

It is important to know that reaching psoas can be a bit daunting if you just stretch your hip flexors with conventional stretches. Unlocking the hip flexors must be conducted in proper way and order.

This is what something that is rarely revealed at conventional gyms. The meat of the program is not only the techniques, but also the proper sequence. In this case, Rick and Mike, the duo who made the Unlock Hip Flexors program introduce what is called as “the Sequential Flow Method”.

This sequential flow method works to trigger natural rejuvenation process, improve the flexibility in your muscles, as well as benefit your vitality.

Hip Flexor Stretch

Here you will learn about the best Hip Flexor Stretches. There are 6 parts of Sequential Flow Method:

01. PNF Stretching: PNF is the acronym of “proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation”. It is a stretch which objective is to trigger a specific muscle in order to relax muscles around the joints. That way, you will be able to get rid of stiffness you got from the hectic day.

02. Dynamic Stretching: This is where the users of the program will activate the muscles around a joint. Here all users will reach maximum motion. It will make the joints more flexible because of the improved circulation around the joint.

03. Dimensional Core Stability Exercises: As the name suggests, it is conducted to maintain the stability of the users.

04. Mobile Exercises: It focuses on the improvement of the optimal joint function. When users do this, they will be able to move their joints more freely.

05. Fascia Stretching: The users will learn how to loosen and lengthen the fascia.

06. Muscle Activation movements: The genius behind this program knows really well about the impact of sitting for a long time for human. It can make muscles work not optimally. In this stretch, it targets to activate the inactive muscles to help body move more efficiently.

There are about 12 movements which will be learnt by the users in this program.

What is Unlock Your Hip Flexors

Unlock Your Hip Flexors

Program Name: Unlock Your Hip Flexors
Author: Rick Kaselj and Mike Westerdal
Bonus: YES
Money Back Guarantee: YES
Official Website: Click Here

We can’t move freely if our hips are not optimally used. It is a simple fact which is mentioned by the creator of this program. Human hips impact everything on every activities we do like sit, stand, reach, bend, walk, step, carry, lift, and so on.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors is a program in the book form. It is purposely designed to eliminate all the factors which cause tight hip flexors tend to be tangible like improper posture, joint pains, back pain, hips pain, inactive athletic, degraded immune system, stiffness, problems with vitality, circulatory problems, digestive issues, insomnia, and many more.

These problems can happen if we do not care about our hip flexors. Tight hip flexors is the most common problem in the society today.

In the program, it is mentioned that tight hip flexors is caused by 2 major causes: sitting and pattern overload. We don’t have to explain the first one, but the second one is pattern overload. It means repetitive movements over long periods of time. It can be lifting, squatting, running, reaching, bending, crawling, and other hard movements.

Hips are very complex structure and not all people understand their importance. People get stuck with diet and exercises regimes, often overlook the fact that hip flexors are responsible for the balance and ability to make some human movements. When we kick, for instance, we put stress on the hip flexors.

Folks who have been overweight often experience health conditions with their hips. If you experience these:

  • Bad posture
  • Immune system issues
  • Joint pains
  • Discomfort walking
  • Insomnia, digestive issues, etc,

That means there is something wrong with your tight hip flexors.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors is purposely designed to help you to understand about the hip flexors and how to keep them optimal for your overall health. The good thing about this program is that you won’t need to do rigorous exercises regime like you experienced in the gym. All the exercises are simple and easy to be done. You can also do them all at home conveniently.

Even Though you have tight schedule and are not able to spare much time on daily basis, you will still have time to do the exercises and stretches taught in the program. All of them are delivered through tutorial videos so that it is very easy to learn them all in no time.

Who is Rick Kaselj

Rick KaseljThis will be one of the most crucial questions to answer since most folks want to know who is the genius behind this program. The name of the person is Rick Kaselj, MS. He has been renowned in the health and fitness industry. In this program, his findings do not come from books or seminars, or his school. It came from his own experiences when overcoming his injuries and pain.

He had been struggling with back pain, which was apparently caused by improper workouts. The back pain injury obstructed his professional career and made him suffer. Meanwhile, Rick had been enough with drugs, prescriptions, doctor appointments and unsolved pain so he started his own research to overcome his back pain.

He used himself as guinea pig for his solution. He developed different methods to overcome his back pain. He used the same methods with his beloved clients. Teaching his technique in Unlock Hip Flexors, he has been helping over 80,000 people from around the world on daily basis.

He started his career as personal trainer back then in 1994. Then he expanded his interests to exercise therapist and kinesiologist. But he quickly found out that conventional methods would not work to cure their clients problems.

With the internet opportunities, he made his way to introduce his unique Hip Flexors Stretches to the world. He wanted to help people to get relief from back pain, and enjoy their lives.

The moment we wrote this review, he has been working with clients and teaching his unique methods and techniques for 16 years. He has conducted hundreds thousands training sessions. With such ample experience, it is pretty convincing that he is the real man behind this program.

The Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review and How Does it Work?

The program comes as DVD video and a manual eBook. Besides those, you will also get two bonuses which are “Unlock Your Tight Hamstrings” program and “Seven Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet”. These bonuses are very helpful. We are interested in Seven Day Anti-Inflammatory diet.

It is a very helpful complimentary because it will help your body to rejuvenate and get rid of inflammation.

Becoming the user of the program, you will have the access to the multimedia bundle. The tutorials DVD is categorized into two segments. The first segment is about the instructional video wherein you can see all the explanations done by Rick. He also explains about how the exercises can affect your hip flexors. So the first segment is likely about the foundation of the program. The second segment is the instructional videos in which you need to play and follow through. It is like having a personal trainer by your side since you can do the exercises alongside with Rick in the video in real time.

The compelling program has a-z knowledge that you need to know about unlocking your hip flexors so that you can use them maximally and improve your flexibility. Not to mention that all the exercises and stretches taught in the program also come with crystal clear tutorial videos. So as the users you just need to follow the videos thoroughly.

There is no difficult technical term here because Mike and Rick explain everything in such an easy way. Even this program is suitable for all beginners. So if you don’t have any experience in fitness and training, you don’t have to worry. Understanding the methods and tutorials is a piece of cake.

As mentioned, this program is very helpful because you only need to spare 10 up to 20 minutes of your time to do all the exercises, on daily basis. You can do them anywhere you want and you will feel the benefits the moment you try the program.

When you do this on regular basis, your body will start to regenerate by itself and you will improve your overall health. And more importantly, you will get rid of your joint and back pain. If you are like many people who are sitting at a desk all day, you will find out that this program is actually very helpful. This program will help you to build the strength of your hip flexors. Such good hip flexors gives a lot of benefits including strengthening muscles, improving circulation, and so on.

For athlete, this program will help to boost overall athletic performance. Thousands athletes have thanked Rick because they had received tons of benefits of his program.

Within the eBook, Rick teaches the exact exercises need to be done to unlock the hip flexors. Here are the confirmed benefits stated by the users of the program:

– Improve good posture when standing, sitting, and doing other poses.
– Get rid of belly fat
– Reduce stiffness
– Improve circulation
– Improve vitality
– Better athletic performance
– Improved balance
– Comfortable movements

unlock the hip flexors benefitsThose are just few benefits which were mentioned by the former users. When following the program, you will realize tons of benefits that you can get.

The program gives you ample information about how to improve your life in the most natural, permanent and safest way. So there is no side effect which you need to worry when following the program.

People who have used this program claimed that they have more strength, better healthiness, and better life. Athletes who did this program also claimed that they have better career than before. The exercises in the program can affect your posture, movement, athletic performance, vitality, flexibility, and the other factors of your health in a good way.

– There is no hidden information in the book
–  The content is comprehensive and coherent
–  There are many health problems can be cured by unlocking hip flexors.
–  All the movements explained in the book are also explained in the videos, so you will get them done properly.
–  It takes up to 20 minutes to do the exercises on daily basis
–  Affordable price, say goodbye to expensive gym membership
–  60 Day Money Back Guarantee, there is nothing to lose.
–  Credible author. Fitness experts have vouched this program


  • There is no physical version of the program
  • Since it is digital product, it can be a problem for those who don’t use internet
  • It is not an overnight solution. If you are looking for quick scheme, it is not the option for you.
  • There is not a 100% success rate unless you follow the program thoroughly.

Is it Scam?
It is not scam because:
1. Comes with 60 day money back guarantee, something that is never offered by scammers
2. Thousands positive feedbacks from the users have been confirmed by our review team
3. We have checked that Rick is a real person by confirming his personal page, social media accounts, as well as youtube channel.

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Is the program worth your money at all? If you only need to pay once for a lifetime health potents, it is the most valuable thing that you need to grab right now. In our recommendation, this program is worth a try. Not to mention that it comes with money back guarantee, so you can ask for refund when you feel that this program does not work for you.